Who is She?

My name is Amanda. I am a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor turned food blogger, recently leaving my counseling job after many years to pursue a true passion. I am a nurturer, a lover of my husband, family, and animals, but most of all I am obsessed with anything food!

I do not claim to be a trained chef, but have always had an extreme infatuation and craving for cooking, with the natural skills to keep me exploring, experimenting, and evolving. I like to be and feel creative, and to express that creativity in many ways through music (singing) and art (painting), but have never found anything I love more than the culinary arts. I enjoy everything from cooking a simple few-ingredient dish, to constructing an extremely complex and intricate meal, to baking pastries and decorating cakes.

The word “Food” can mean so many things to many different people all over the world. While some say there are standard procedures to preparing certain things in certain ways, it sometimes can be intimidating to feel the freedom to experiment with your food. To me, there are many ways to prepare and present food, it does not mean you can’t follow your individual ideas and have great results. There is always room for growth and change, and there is no evolution without new ideas. I am not afraid to do things my way, and I want to show you that as long as you are pursuing your passion, it will all turn out right.